About Us

A Boutique That Knows about the ‘Fashion-Freak’ inside You!

Appearance is one of the most essential elements in the fashion industry. Being said that, the fashion in today’s world is not only restricted to top-notch designers, but a wide array of these dress shops solves your purpose. Adored by fashion fans and quality seekers, Raushan Boutique is a brand that has proved what it claims to be. We excel in designing customized dresses for our clients, who give us an idea about “what is on their mind” about “what should be on their body” and we create the “magic of drape” for them. We understand how it is to live in a materialized society which judges a book by its cover.

New ranges were added with time and we started a very casual and affordable Mix-n-Match range on ladies wear. The Mix-n-Match in Raushan Boutique is very contemporary in feel and look, while our Ladies Kurtas are very ethnic with focus on Indian crafted look, hand block prints and vegetable dyes, Indian handlooms with Traditional embroideries and other Indian Techniques’ and sensibilities applied in the making of the Garment.
We have added Unstitched Ladies Suits & Ladies Kurtas to our inquisitive range.